Network Branding Class

my students' work

Montage from Spring 2016 Motion Branding classes – Undergrads & Grads.


Here is an example of a broadcast show open created by the very talented Chris Finn in my Multi-Platform Media Packaging class.

Here is a montage of the project showcasing all toolkit / deliverables elements for the project including lower thirds, transitions, background, keyable logo animation, and bumpers.

Design & Animation: Chris Finn
Audio Mixing: Chris Finn

Created for Professor Austin Shaw’s Multiplatform Media Brand Packaging class.

More of Chris’s work can be seen at


This is a sample of Logo Animations completed by students in my Network Branding and Motion Packaging classes.


This is a montage from a few years back, but still has some great examples of the types of projects covered in this course. Projects include logo animations, network identities, and broadcast show packages.