Senior Project Class

my students' work

The Senior Project classes I teach at SCAD are broken into two different classes – Senior Project 1 & Senior Project 2. The students concept and design their senior project during Senior 1 and engage in production of their project in Senior 2.


This is a finished Senior Project created by Christopher Mennuto. I worked with Chris during Senior Project 1 during the concept and design development of this project.

Project Description Written by Christopher Mennuto:

For my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design, I chose to animate a story very personal to me. This animation is the true story of my father’s survival on September 11th. Although I was only 10 when my father narrowly escaped the World Trade Center, my recollection of the events of that day still resonates in my mind. For this animation, I produced literally thousands of hand-drawn frames in Photoshop. I am so thankful my father survived and honored to tell his story. [Score Composed by Cooper Skinner and Sound Design by Kacie Willis.]

More of Chris’s work can be seen at


This is an example of a Senior Project created by the very talented Sekani Solomon:

Actor: Robert Morrison
Camera: Sekani Solomon, Jason Diaz Ethan Watson
Shoot Assistants: Debbie Heo, Timothy Skinner. Rainy Fu
Concept Design: Sekani Solomon
Animation/Design/Compositinbg: Sekani Solomon
Sound: Cooper Skinner
Voice Over: Joseph Dunlap
Wardrobe: Juliana Sullivan

More of Sekani’s work can be seen at sekanimotiondesign


Senior Project created by the ever talented Rainy Fu.

INDIVIDUALISM – a short animated film (SCAD Senior Show)
“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”
– Andy WarholInspired by the quote from Andy Warhol, this conceptual piece revolves around modern Isaac Newton’s obsession ruling over the world and his famous historical discovery in Law of Gravitation. In this society, with the rise of Individualism and greed of power, this story is based off Isaac Newton and ‘undiscovery’ of Law of Gravity for personal gain, not taking into consideration whether the world will fall under his successful formula of anti-gravity.
This lead us to a question to current social issues; does self-interest and gain worth more than morals and humanity?Starring | Chase Hochstatter
Sound Design | Jason M Diaz
C4D, Live action, After Effects


Senior Project created by Pochen Chia.

More of Pochen’s work can be seen at:


MA Final Project created by Daniel Chang.

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Senior project by Joe Ball

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Senior Project by Rick Kuan AKA Rick FourThirty

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