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• Over 15 years experience working as a Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Animator, and Illustrator direct-to-client and for some of the top design-driven production companies, including – Perception, Digital Kitchen, Brand New School, Loyalkaspar, Superfad, and Sarofsky.

• Delivering motion design projects for clients such as Target, Ferrari, Fedex, McGraw Hill, Ralph Lauren, ESPN, and VH1 to name a few.

• Capabilities include Concept Development, Design & Art Direction, Illustration, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, and Compositing.

• 9 years full-time Professor of Motion Design at the Savannah College of Art & Design. 3 years Adjunct instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

• Author of Design for Motion: Fundamentals and Techniques of Motion Design (here is a link to a feature on Motionographer )

I began my professional Motion Design career in 2002 working for Curious Pictures in New York City. I have worked on Commercials, Film Titles, Broadcast Show Packages, Broadcast Promos, Graphic Toolkits, and Music Videos. I have worked for some of the top Motion Design Studios including Brand New School, Digital Kitchen, and Loyalkaspar to name a few. I have also worked directly with clients such at MTV, VH1, ESPN, The National Geographic Channel, and Ralph Lauren as well as Advertising Agencies to produce original Motion Media Design and Animation. Over the years, I have worked as a Designer, Animator, Art Director, Lead Compositor, and Creative Director as well as a Producer for many of my own projects. I have worked on numerous Broadcast Design Award Winning projects as well as two Emmy Nominated projects. Prior to becoming a Professor at SCAD, I taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in both the BFA and Continuing Education programs in Computer Art.

When I first began my career my dream was to become a Creative Director. After many years of hard work, I achieved that goal. However, after becoming a Creative Director, I realized that I had a new dream. I was no longer satisfied solely being a commercial artist, and wanted to become a teacher.

I began teaching at SCAD in 2010, and have a found a community that both challenges and inspires me. As a Professor of Motion Media Design, I can pass on the lessons I have learned and help students to achieve their dreams. I have a passion for design and motion and drive my students to be prepared for professional careers in Motion Design. I became an educator to have a positive affect on my student’s lives. The most pleasant surprise I have had as a Professor is to find that my students also profoundly and positively affect my life.

I also continue my creative work directly with clients to develop innovative design and motion projects.

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