Design for Motion Class

my students' work

The Design for Motion textbook has been published! You can find it here: amazon

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Justin Cone also did a fantastic feature on Motionographer.


Design for Motion is a class I created and teach at the Savannah College of Art & Design. It is also the title of a textbook I wrote that is scheduled to be published by Focal Press in June, 2015.

The purpose of this course is to teach students the fundamental relationship between design & motion. In short, beautiful motion begins with beautiful design. This page highlights examples of exceptional student work created in my Design for Motion class.

YEOJIN_SHIN_1Yeojin Shin

ALOSADA_1Ana Cristina Losada

DCHANG_1Daniel Chang

PCLARK_01Peter Clark

DCONKLINDavid Conklin

DJORDAN_1Dominica Jane Jordan

EDIESEric Dies

GREID_1Graham “Tiberius” Reid


JBALL_1Joe Ball

JT_1Jordan Taylor

PCLARK_02Peter Clark

SSOLOMON_1Sekani Solomon

YEOJIN_SHIN_2Yeojin Shin